Michael Jackson Jackets

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The King of Pop, everyone’s all-time favorite pop singer, Michael Jackson always had a killer wardrobe paired with his killer sound notes. Being one of the most prominent entertainers of the 80’s, Michael Jackson was one of the few pop musicians whose music resonated with people of ages, color, race, religion and nationality. Kick starting his musical journey at a mere young age of 6 years old, Michael Jackson was one of the five members of the renowned Jackson 5. Realizing his extraordinary talent and potential, Michael Jackson embarked on his solo journey in 1971 and this when we came across some groovy tunes and retro couture.

Always sending a message of harmony and peace, Michael Jackson’s outfits were always one of a kind. With every outfit telling a different story, people immediately got inspire by his fashion sense and began imitating not just his famous dance moves, but also his funky and badass leather jackets and suits beautifully paired with classy accessories like hats, gloves and sunglasses. Possessing a unique fashion sense of his own, there has been no one who disagreed with his clothing choices. His couture choices are evident from his hit music videos like “Beat It”, “Thriller”, “Bad”, “Smooth Criminal”, Billie Jean” and the list is never-ending. Analyzing his aesthetic clothing choices in his classic tunes, how can one forget the red Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket that he was rocking with those tight black curls, while dancing his way through a fight between two gangs. He surely did beat all haters with his out-of-the-box style sense. Similarly, you are not a diehard Michael Jackson unless you have grooved to his Next Generation Pepsi commercial tune. Once again making a fashion statement, Michael is seen in an edgy Michael Jackson Pepsi Leather Jacket, his statement white gloves and those flashy shoes.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Michael Jackson’s outstanding music evolution, you still would have seen and heard Thriller. Jamming to catchy tunes while dancing with zombies, Michael Jackson and his trademark leather jackets always made a mark on one’s wardrobe through his music videos. Even though, in Thriller he is seen pulling off the famous Michael Jackson Varsity Jacket, he also appears in full leather attire, which included everyone’s still favorite Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket. Moonwalking his way through our hearts Michael Jackson knew how to make an impression. Even to this day, people dress up like his various characters, especially, the one in Bad where he looked badass in the Michael Jackson Bad Jacket.

We make sure that we are manufacturing these masterpieces from authentic and/or faux leather. Incorporating fine craftsmanship and detailing, we aim stick to the original design. While providing color choices in some jackets according to popular demand, we assure that our leather jackets are not just fashionably forward, but also comfortable and durable.